Hermela Transport

Wat doen wij...

Hermela Transport is active in exporting used cars and trucks to Africa.
Africa Export Cars shipped to all ports in West Africa, including to Togo,
Benin, Ghana, Lieria, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Nigeria, Cameroun, Congo,
and to the ports in East Africa in Djibouti and Eritrea.

Exporting cars

We provide an all in one service:
  • Purchase and sale of used cars, vans, jeeps and trucks.
  • Shipment of your car from any address in the Netherlands to an African port.
  • In possession of a car transporter. We drive them to the port of Antwerp.
  • RDW recognized for giving indemnities and export declarations.
  • Your car can be picked up in the Netherlands.
  • Many clients also ask us to fill cars with goods.
  • With our van we can regulate this transport.

    Africa Cars Export is a company founded by entrepreneurs coming from Africa.
    With us the customer is always number one.
    Because we are an all in service delivery and no need to use
    intermediaries saving costs.